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True multi cyclone

SUVAC True multi cyclone

True multi cyclone

No Loss of Suction, True Multi-Cyclone Vacuum advantages

How works of the existing normal cyclone vacuum ?

The existing cyclone vacuum is normally with one dust tank with single cyclone only, and inside the dust tank, equipping a HEPA filter. When the vacuum works and sucks dusts, the all dusts go into the dust tank, having a cyclonic running around the HEPA filter. The dusts are very easily go at the HEPA filter, so the HEPA filter easily becomes dirty and blocked up. So then the suction power goes down, with the dusts sucked more and more, the suction power accelerates becoming lower and lower. The user should clean or replace the HEPA filter often when work the vacuum again. 

So the single cyclone is not so good enough to separate the dusts from the air and keep them at the bottom of dust tank far away from the HEPA filters.( In one word, the single cyclone vacuum needs the HEPA filter to clean the great part of the dusts, not by the cyclone.) 

How works of Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone vacuum ?

The Su-Vac True Multi-Cyclone vacuum has two stages cyclonic cleaning system with 5–12 cyclones . The special designed Su-Vac exclusive dust tank is divided into two rooms, one is for cyclonic, and another one is for dust storage. 

The dusts go into dust tank to have the 1st cyclonic cleaning. Once the dusts separated from air by the cyclonic, the dusts will be immediately go into the storage room of the dust tank, and stay there softly. Su-Vac special designed exclusive dust tank can keep the dust down at the dust storage room at the biggest percentage. The dusts will not swirl, down and up again together with the cyclonic air like the other cyclone vacuums doing. Almost 80—95% ( the others are only 30—50%) of the dusts can be cleaned at this 1st cyclonic stage. Then the rest dusts with air go into 2nd stage cyclonic system. The 2nd cyclonic system has 5-12 cyclones . The coming dirty air will be divided into 5-12 parts, and go into 5-12 cyclones’ house separately to have the cyclonic cleaning again. Namely, the rest dusts with air will be cleaned by 5-12 cyclones . Thus, the cleaning efficiency is much better than one cyclone only. At this stage, almost 97--99% of the dust will be cleaned. The cleaning air then goes into motor and again cleaned by the HEPA filters equipped at the motor air inlet and outlet, ensuring almost 100% clean. 

So Su-Vac The True Multi-cyclone vacuum is really used cyclones to separate and clean the 97-99% of dusts from air, don’t use HEPA filter inside the dust tank to clean the dust. So there is no blocking up inside the dust tank, the HEPA filters are only used for final possible dusts escaped from the cyclones, so can be used for a long time without cleaning or replace, because just very few dusts go at them.  As a result, the suction power of the vacuum can keep always strong, and the users should not clean or replace the HEPA filter very often.

(Su-Vac has applied worldwide patent for Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone system.)

So comparing the existing vacuum cleaner (single cyclone /bagless or bag type), Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone system has special heavy duty and plus values as under:

1.The normal cleaner, the suction power will go down very quickly.  But Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone vacuum can keep suction power always stronger same as first time.

2.The normal cyclone cleaner has only 1 cyclone dust tank with one cyclonic cleaning system, but Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone vacuum has excellent special-designed exclusive dust tank with 5--12 cyclones, plus two HEPA filters, enabling a highest cleaning efficiency.

3.The normal cyclone cleaner is necessary to be very often to clean or replace the HEPA filters. But Su-Vac The True Multi-Cyclone vacuum’s can be used for life time as the vacuum.

It is a real heavy duty, new generation Cyclone vacuum, the future of the cleaner.

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